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Skinny Tips for the Fourth of July

IMG_5111Summer is in full effect and nothing says it louder than the Fourth of July weekend! There will be plenty of BBQin’, boozin’ and hangin’ by the water with friends and family.

Whatever your weekend has in store, I have a few skinny tips for you to get through the weekend, guilt free.

DRINK: Choose clear alcohol – vodka or tequila with soda water, a squeeze of grapefruit and extra lime. You can also garnish with cucumber and mint for a more refreshing drink.

Did you know?? Tequila is one of the few liquors that is not made from a starch or grain (it’s made from the Agave plant). When combined with the lime and grapefruit, it does not cause your blood sugar to spike so it helps curb those typical late night junk food cravings.

EAT: Load the grill up with lean protein like chicken, fish, kabobs and roasted veggies. Make a mixed green salad or fresh fruit salad for a lighter side dish. Doing burgers? Go bun-less.

Worried about having healthy options at a party? Bring your own to share!

Remember at a party there are typically four categories we can indulge in: booze, bread, snacks and dessert. Limit yourself to one or two of the four, but never more!

EXERCISE: Plan on getting your workouts done first this in the morning on at least 2 days this weekend.

What are your July 4th weekend plans? I’d love to hear YOUR skinny tips for the 4th! Have fun, be safe, and keep it skinny! 



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Stop Making Excuses – When It Is OK to Be Selfish

FullSizeRenderWARNING! Today’s post is a little HARSH. But I feel like it needs to be said. #sorrynotsorry

Here’s the deal: I am ALL about going after goals. If there is something you want bad enough, and I mean really, truly want — JUST DO IT already.

Be confident. Make up your mind. Don’t be wishy washy. And please, for the love of God, stop making excuses.

You know those people in your life that complain all the time about being fat, or broke, or in a bad relationship, or…whatever it is that makes them unhappy. It’s like they just want to TALK about what they don’t like about their life and then once they’ve vented enough they don’t feel the need to change anything. The venting was enough for them. I call it “word vomit.”

Alright, we ALL do it. I’m not pointing fingers here. I do it, too. (You guys, one of the reasons I write is for self pep-talk.)

My excuse most recently has been motherhood:

“I can’t do that, because I am a mom.”

“I don’t have time, because I am a busy mom.”

“I can’t look like that, I had a baby.”

Blah blah blah.

Ok people. Listen up: It’s time to STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.  Let’s DO something. 

If something is REALLY that important to you where you feel the need to vent about it ALL the time, it’s obviously weighing on you pretty heavily. It’s time to STOP making excuses.

Some excuses are REAL and some are ABSOLUTELY 100% BS. Be your own judge here, but don’t be afraid to work on yourself.

This is SO important, you guys. We are entitled to feel amazing. We are entitled to confidence. We are entitled to look our absolute best. We are entitled to happiness. We are entitled to be financially secure. But all of these things take WORK. It’s about making the smart, right decision every chance you get, which all add up over time. Those decisions become habits, and our habits become our reality.

What do you want most in life right now? What has been your excuse lately? What are you going to do about it? 

Start Goal Setting TODAY

SetAndReachGoalsI am HUGE, firm believer in goal setting and today, I want to encourage you to set some for yourself. This is something my husband, Mark taught me and I am so hooked. You can accomplish some amazing things by just letting yourself realize and fully understand what you truly want.

Every year, it’s important to set personal and professional goals. Maybe it’s how you want to feel or how you want to look. Maybe it’s the relationships you want to have. Maybe it’s a financial goal. Maybe it’s a career goal.


So HOW exactly do we set goals?

At the beginning of each month, form these concepts into more specific goals. And then weekly, make a game plan of how you are going to get there. Make sure your goals are really goals and not “to-do” items. Cleaning the house is not a goal. Going to work is not a goal. Those are tasks. Think: BIG PICTURE.

Here’s an example: you want to lose weight. 

**Yearly: I want to be 30 lbs lighter a year from now. I want to feel confident and good about myself.

**Monthly: I am going to lose 2-3 pounds per month. I am going to respect my body and improve my health.

**Weekly: I am going to workout 5 days this week and follow a healthy nutrition plan. I am going to listen to personal development podcasts to help boost my confidence.

**Daily: TODAY I am working out and eating healthy. I am speaking positively about myself and loving my body at the state it is currently in.


My #1 tip is to write down your goals! The act of WRITING with pen and paper helps define what it is we really want. Put them in a place where you can see them everyday. Maybe it’s a notebook or planner, maybe it’s posted on your bathroom mirror.

Once you’ve laid our your game plan, start daydreaming! This feels super awkward at first but it’s all about our mentality. Your inner thoughts become your reality. So THINK and ACT as if you’re there. Here’s a video clip I love on how to do this:

What are YOUR goals and what are you doing TODAY to get there?

All About That Bass

Loving this song lately — really funny lyrics with some pretty awesome messaging. Now I’m all about being a healthy size and weight, but positive body image is most important. You can’t have a healthy body if your mind is in a bad place. And in a society where so much value is placed on appearance, we could all use a little reminder once in while.

“Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”


Switching Gears


Whether you’ve been a Skinny Opinion follower since day one or are a brand new reader, you probably know S.O. started as a health and fitness blog to encourage women to become all around healthier and happier people.

Over the months, I’ve found a love for writing about whatever is on my mind at the moment. And while it’s still primarily sharing my passion for health, nutrition and fitness, I’m also a real person who loves style, beauty, overall wellness, home improvement, decor, travel, friendships, family, marriage and now the topic that’s constantly on my mind: pregnancy and motherhood.

I hope you don’t mind that S.O. is switching gears to more of a (healthy) lifestyle blog and I’ll be sharing posts on all the topics I mentioned plus everything in between. I promise this will never become a full-on mommy blog, but I can’t help but write about whatever is currently running through my head.

Stay with me for the journey?


P.S. What would you like to see more of on the blog? What would you like to see less of?

My Monday Mantra


This. My mantra for today.

I’ve been re-learning something I’ve really known all along. That is, life is full of ups and downs. It is not always ever perfect, but there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. When life seems too good to be true, it probably is. And then you get thrown a curve ball and reality comes right back. Life doesn’t always go as planned. But that’s what makes it interesting. And beautiful.

Today I’m striving to see the positive in the negative. To be content with what is out of my control. To let go of what no longer serves me. To allow myself rest. To de-stress and decompress. To renew and replenish. And to breathe.

And I encourage you to do the same: whatever brings you down, makes you sad, wears you out — leave it. Whatever makes you smile and brings you peace — keep it.

Focus on the good. Do what you love. Keep moving. Life isn’t about making calculations and avoiding risks, it’s about going all in with what you love.

And remember that worrying will never change the outcome. 


The Mind/Body Connection

f7098f06ac72fe0dae6bed63240c4ec7Diet + Exercise = Success. Right?

Errrr… not so fast.

It’s so easy to overlook the mental aspect of health. How we handle stress, anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, and all the little ups and downs in between can truly affect our health.

When you are dealing with a bad breakup, a devastating loss, or you are anxious about your future, there are chemical processes in your body that can easily throw your health goals out of whack. All of a sudden the equation is not so simple. You can eat clean and train mean, but if your mind is not in a good place, you won’t progress.

For example, depression not only affects your mood, but your appetite, thoughts, and behavior. And remember that stress hormone cortisol? It’s no joke. These factors really do make you more likely to eat poorly, skip your workout, and potentially gain weight.

Dealing with life’s roller coaster ride is not easy. But it’s so important we take action to invest in our mental health.

Question: What steps do you take to boost your mood and relieve stress?

Do Something Uncomfortable Today

af42c5e356ce996b8c98eb37c227e2d3I mean… sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Day in and day out.

For me, the weekdays are like clockwork. I go to work, workout, come home, walk my dogs, make dinner, clean up, read, and go to bed.

BORING! Life is too short to be so predictable. But you know what? I am a creature of habit and I love routine.

Well, I’m working on stepping outside the box these days. Doing some things I don’t normally do. Like: once a week (during the week) my hubby and I declare a date night. The key has been that it must be on a weekday. Weekends are mostly playtime for us, so making that switch is honestly a big change. It brightens my week and gives us something to look forward to. That designated time together, without the TV on, has been miraculous.

I know that it’s something so little. But all these little things add up and in the end make us who we are. They change us. Our mentality, our spirit, our perspective,

Doing something uncomfortable means something different for everyone. For me, it’s getting out of my routine and changing things up. And yes, adding a date night means I am forced to schedule in a rest day. Something that also makes me uncomfortable.

Doing something uncomfortable could look like:

smiling at a stranger

adopting a puppy

speaking up at work

quitting your job // starting a business

inviting someone to lunch

saying no // not over-committing

saving your money

joining a new gym // taking a break from working out

reading instead of watching tv

packing your lunches

 Question: What small change can you make in your life, even if it’s a little uncomfortable?

I Met Lorna Jane!

That’s right, you guys. I met Lorna Janelwaamttneayxho20ccpm

I was walking in La Jolla, near one of her newest stores with my hubby and I was talking about how much I loved Lorna Jane’s philosophy on Active Living. I mentioned that it was an Australian company and then this gal walking toward us points behind me and says, “you know that’s her, right?!”

WHAT!? Are you joking me? I turned around and immediately spotted the bombshell blonde, Lorna Jane Clarkson. Of course, I had to go over and meet her! And to top it off she was handing out goodie bags full of products and signing copies of her new book, 2

She was the sweetest lady, and so genuine. Not to mention her rockin’ bod. I’m just bummed I didn’t think to ask for a photo with her!

Lorna Jane is such an inspiration to me, and I was honestly star struck to meet her. Her clothing line is absolutely adorable and my new fave to wear when I workout. But it’s her philosophy on Active Living and her Move/Nourish/Believe movement that I’m so inspired by.




Lorna Jane Clarkson launched her activewear brand a little over two decades ago. In her first book, MOVE, NOURISH, BELIEVE, she shares the back-story behind the Lorna Jane brand, and how she went from creating one-off designs for friends in the back room of a gym, to now overseeing more than 130 stores nationally and overseas! 

A passionate advocate of healthy living, Lorna reveals her personal tips and advice to help people get moving, stay motivated and eat well – along with loads of delicious, nutritious recipes from her own kitchen.

After the success of her first book, Lorna Jane Clarkson was inundated with people wanting to know MORE about how she manages to achieve everything she squeezes into – and out of – life, as well as staying fit and healthy.

And her answer is ACTIVE LIVING.lorna_102665_01

In her second book, MORE, Lorna shares her life – her stories, her inspirations and personal experiences, the food she loves, the things she does every day, the things she never does, and the things she does now and again, with the hope that it will inspire you to live your best Active Life.

She is authentic and speaks from the heart, as well as gives insights into her daily rituals, how she runs her multi-million dollar active wear fashion business, and how she motivates herself to eat well and exercise every single day of her life.

Lorna Jane inspires me with her adorable workout gear, her “never give up” mentality, and her dedication to embracing an active lifestyle every single day.

Question: Who/what are you most inspired by?

JayZ and Solange: what REALLY happened


Anyone who knows me, knows how much I idolize the power couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z. So of course I had to express my (skinny) opinion on the recent scandal.

For those of you that have been living under a rock, click here for the low down courtesy of TMZ and watch the elevator footage here courtesy of MTV.

So, it’s unclear what triggered the fight. I know, it appears that Jay Z said something about Bey or Solange and the sis just went off on him. But I won’t believe it.


Let’s think about this scenario realistically. They are leaving a Met Gala after party. It’s likely they’ve all had a few drinks… and then some.

Jay is a smart man, never attempts to fight back. And Bey stays out of it completely. I chalk it all up to Solange being too drunk.

I love how the media eats this up. I mean, Solange did try to beat the **** of out him, but I would not assume it was HOVs fault. We all know how cray cray some girls can get after too many cocktails…

Yes, I know, I’m standing up for him. But still. Lots can happen when people are under the influence, and honestly, maybe S was just having a bad night.

Let’s give the power couple a break!


Question: What’s your take on the Jay Z/Solange fight? Any speculations?

Who is your favorite power couple?


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