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What’s Been Happening!

Hi friends!

I took a (really) long, much needed break from blogging because, well… I had a baby! 14 months ago, actually. (Where does the time go??)

Becoming a mother has been the greatest gift. I just adore that little girl more than I ever thought possible.

Adjusting to the whole mama thing has been so exciting and fun for me. I LOVE it. A funny thing happens when you become a mom: you instantly have a connection to every other mother you run into. You develop a little community of new momma friends which is incredible and SO necessary, especially in those early months.

The first time Kaylee smiled at me, I thought, “THIS.” THIS is what life is about.

“Being a mom is my jam.” (Bachelor, anyone?)

When Kaylee was born, I got SO immersed in my new found role and love for being a momma that I sort of lost my sense of self, as I’m sure many moms do. I spent every ounce of energy I had caring for this tiny bundle. She was my world. And then I went back to work. Suddenly I had to figure out how to make money and keep this child smiling. Six months in, we moved 500 miles away from everything we knew. Where we met, where we fell in love, where we developed the most genuine friendships, that we cherish so much. SD friends: we love you. And where our family started.

All these changes in a relatively short time really makes you sit down and think. Or write, in my case. I needed to feel like myself again. I needed to rediscover my passions again and carve out time for myself.

So, yes, I’m back! I don’t plan on blogging nearly as much as I once did, but I’m shooting for weekly articles. You can follow me on instagram: @skinnyopinion or for daily motivation and inspiration.

Thank you for following along!



IMG_2721 IMG_2778 IMG_2851
IMG_3407 IMG_3431 IMG_3502 IMG_3905 IMG_4379

It’s a GIRL!

First off – I know I’ve been MIA for a while…growing a baby is exhausting and all-consuming. To be quite honest, blogging has been the last thing on my mind these days.

But it’s about time I announce that we’re having a beautiful baby GIRL!

Our dear friends threw us the most beautiful gender reveal party to celebrate the new addition to our family. It was the most perfect and memorable day and we were so blessed to be surrounded by our closest friends and family to find out the gender of our new little bundle of love.

I can honestly say I was SHOCKED. I thought for sure it would be a boy! So much for mother’s intuition, right? I am so excited to have a little girl and mostly just so thankful that she is growing healthy and strong. I can’t believe she’ll be here in just three months!

2014-10-04 16.41.50

2014-10-04 16.42.18

2014-10-04 16.42.22

2014-10-04 16.43.38

2014-10-04 16.46.17

2014-10-04 16.48.52

2014-10-04 16.51.03


Pregnancy Progression Pics

Tomorrow I’ll be 19 weeks. I can’t believe I’m almost half way there. I’m so looking forward to finding out if our little bun is a boy or a girl next week. I honestly have no idea and like most things in my life, I change my mind on a daily basis about the gender of this little babe. Some mother’s say they “just knew.” I say, lucky guess.

Part of me hates to be “that girl” sharing my preggo pics, but let’s be honest — pregnancy is one of life’s most beautiful adventures. I love seeing other girl’s bump progression and I wanted to document my own journey here on the blog.

Admittedly, it’s not easy to watch your body change on a daily basis. I’m sure this is something all women struggle with during pregnancy. I’ve found that taking these progression pictures and being able to look back on how I’m changing every two weeks opens my eyes even more to the miracle of pregnancy.

2014-06-29 11.46.42

8 weeks | baby is the size of a raspberry

2014-07-26 09.52.03

10 weeks | baby is the size of a strawberry

2014-08-08 18.33.40

12 weeks | baby is the size of a plum

2014-08-23 14.18.39

14 weeks | baby is the size of a lemon

2014-09-06 19.10.47

16 weeks | baby is the size of an avocado

2014-09-23 11.27.27

18 weeks | baby is the size of a bell pepper

Life Lately: Labor Day Weekend / Our 2nd Anniversary


<< The Grande Colonial >>

The hubby and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a little stay-cation by spending the weekend in our favorite place in San Diego: La Jolla, CA. It was the perfect weekend. Oh, so relaxing and just what we were in the mood for.

We stayed at The Grande Colonial Hotel which we quickly fell in love with because of the location. We were in the heart of downtown and could walk to the beach and all of the little shops and restaurants around town. It is such an iconic and historic place to stay in San Diego – it’s over 100 years old! And a little bonus: we got upgraded to an ocean view room for our anniversary!

We mostly relaxed at the pool and on the beach, went for lots of long walks downtown and of course we went to a bunch of our favorite restaurants. For our anniversary dinner we went to our favorite place, Eddie V’s, where we were treated to an ocean front table covered in red rose petals.

It was so, so romantic and the best way to celebrate our last anniversary as just the two of us, before our little one 3

2013-11-02 13.47.39<< La Jolla Cove >>

1<< beach essentials >>

2013-11-06 18.18.08<< La Jolla Sunset >>

photo 4<< poolside loungin >>

photo 1

<< martinis and mocktails before dinner >>

2013-11-02 14.03.21

Our 2nd Anniversary

Together_064Even though we celebrated over the weekend, today is officially our 2nd wedding anniversary!

It’s so cliche, but oh so true — where has the time gone? It feels like yesterday, my favorite girls and I were getting our hair and makeup done in my house, giggling and chatting the morning away. I contemplated how to wear my hair for the big day, anxiously awaiting the very moment I’d see my groom waiting for me at end of the aisle. The moment every little girl dreams of.

And what a dream it was.

The day came and went, faster than any other. I’d give just about anything to relive every minute of our wedding day, just once more. Instead, I try to replay the day in my head from time to time, in hopes that I’ll never forget a single thing from that day. Every little detail, in the order I remember. The way I felt. The things they said. The look on his face.











Together_063Our wedding pictures make me so happy. I tell Mark if our house was ever on fire, there are three things we should grab: our two doggies and our wedding album. Marriage is such a beautiful thing. It really does bond a couple like nothing else.

So, two years. Here we are, embarking on this journey into parenthood.

Mark, I am so lucky to have you by my side, every step of the way. As we embark on this journey to becoming parents, I am so thankful you’re the one doing it with me. There’s no one I’d rather do this with. I love you.


Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Labor day weekend holds a very special place in my heart.

Sure, it marks the end of summer, the start of a new school year, and some of the best sales of the year. Oh, and who can forget the good old fashion rule: we can’t wear white after labor day. Totally old school in my book. Rules are meant to be broken, especially in fashion.

But besides that, it is the weekend my husband and I chose to get married. Our intent was we’d celebrate each anniversary with a little weekend getaway.

This year we decided to do a little stay-cation in La Jolla, CA and just take a few days to enjoy the beautiful coast right in our own backyard.


Stay tuned for pics!

Tell me: What are YOUR labor day weekend plans? 

P.S. Skinny tips for your summer cookout!

Switching Gears


Whether you’ve been a Skinny Opinion follower since day one or are a brand new reader, you probably know S.O. started as a health and fitness blog to encourage women to become all around healthier and happier people.

Over the months, I’ve found a love for writing about whatever is on my mind at the moment. And while it’s still primarily sharing my passion for health, nutrition and fitness, I’m also a real person who loves style, beauty, overall wellness, home improvement, decor, travel, friendships, family, marriage and now the topic that’s constantly on my mind: pregnancy and motherhood.

I hope you don’t mind that S.O. is switching gears to more of a (healthy) lifestyle blog and I’ll be sharing posts on all the topics I mentioned plus everything in between. I promise this will never become a full-on mommy blog, but I can’t help but write about whatever is currently running through my head.

Stay with me for the journey?


P.S. What would you like to see more of on the blog? What would you like to see less of?

Special Announcement!!


IT’S TRUE, It’s true!! Today is the day I can finally share my very exciting news…I’m pregnant!! Mark and are expecting our own little bundle of love next Valentine’s Day!

It’s been killing me to keep this little secret for the past 13 weeks, but now that I’m officially in the second trimester I could not be happier to share our special announcement.

Stay tuned for some upcoming posts on how I’ve been trying to stay healthy during this crazy season of life!


HANSEN BABY_8.9.2014 102





Twenty – Eight

Pink Cupcake with CandleYesterday I celebrated my twenty eighth birthday.

Womp Womp. There’s nothing too exciting about twenty-eight.

The day was perfect, nonetheless. It was pretty mellow, and just want I wanted. Brunch at one of my favorite restaurants with some great friends followed by a day in the sun at the bay with Mark. And yes, the SUPs were definitely involved. Told you — can’t get enough!

Mark cooked me a yummy dinner and we ended the evening with the Kardashians. Typical Sunday night, don’t judge.

It was simple, perfect and everything I’d hoped for.

I must mention though, last weekend Mark surprised me with tickets to the Beyoncé and Jay Z On the Run Tour for my birthday and we totally partied it up. I definitely got in my share of celebrating! But let me tell ya, that concert was insane. I’m still having withdrawals. Best show ever.

And you all know how I love that power couple.

Cheers to the an amazing 27 years. Twenty-eight is full of big things and I can’t wait!!

Officially in Vacation Mode

bend-area-mastheadWell, I am officially in vacay mode! My bags are packed and we’re off for week long trip to Bend, Oregon with the fam. Excited to leave the stresses of work and (let’s be honest) LIFE behind for a relaxing getaway in a place I haven’t been since I was a little girl.

What’s on the agenda for this week? Good question.

While we don’t have any set plans yet, our week will likely consist of lots of lakeside lounging, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, reading and of course lots of good food and drinks. Basically some much needed R&R. Oh, and definitely a day trip to the infamous Crater Lake.

A few pictures to share today as I dream of arriving at this beautiful destination. This is where I’ll be spending the next 6 days….

++ Side note: I don’t plan on blogging (or even turning on my computer) while I’m away. Sometimes it’s nice to just unplug and disconnect. Have a wonderful week and I’ll be sure to update when I return! 





Have you ever been to Bend, OR or Crater Lake? Any travel tips??



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