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Fall Fashion Must Have: The Ankle Bootie


 || B.P. Train Wrap Belted Bootie || $120 ||

I’m not going to lie, saying goodbye to summer is always a little hard. The long sunny days are fading fast and even though it’s still quite warm hot here in SD, I’m already dreaming of the autumn days ahead. If there’s one thing that can get me out of my post summer slump, it’s fall fashion. Every girl loves the fall season, right? Sweaters and boots and scarves, oh my!

I’m totally digging the ankle bootie trend that is so hot again this fall. The only problem is I can’t decide which pair to add to my beloved shoe collection. Which is your favorite?


 || Vince Camuto Harlen Bootie || $170 ||


 || Clarks Rosepoint Dew Bootie || $140 ||


 || Vince Camuto Winta Leather Bootie || $200 ||


 || Sam Edelman Louie Bootie || $130 ||


 || Franco Sarto Linden Leather Bootie || $130 ||

Are you loving the ankle bootie trend as much as I am? What are some of your fall fashion staples? 

Travel Essentials: What to Pack

_9321890Welp, I’ve got this trip coming up that I’m really stoked about… but, I’m seriously DREADING packing for it. And don’t even get me started on the UNPACKING. Ugh!

P.S. How cute is that Longchamp travel tote?

Anyways, thought I’d jot down a list (I love lists!) of my top travel essentials to share with you. And so I can get my head on straight and figure out what I need to bring.

Here we go.


+ A beachy tote. Plus all it’s belongings. See what’s in my beach bag here.

+ A killer camera. What’s a vacation without the pics to prove it? Oh and sorry guys, your iPhone will not do.

+ iPad, plus charger and headphones.

+ Snacks. You never know when you’ll need a little something to hold you over. I love stashing a few Think Thin bars and some almonds in my travel bag.

+ the perfect bikini. 

+ sunglasses.

+ a big, floppy hat. my faves: here, here and here.

+ dry tanning oil with SPF. yes, this is a real thing.

+ a good book plus magazines.

+ workout gear + your oldest running shoes for hiking.

Now this list doesn’t include all the clothes and shoes you need, (obvi) but it’s all the little extras I tend to forget.

Tell me: Did I forget anything? What are some of your travel essentials? 

When to Replace Your Running Shoes

2013-Nike-Free-Run-2-0-women-running-shoes-gray-orange---0-3407-21275How often do you replace your running shoes? Every few years seems plenty enough, right? Think again.

Replacing your running shoes often is vital to preventing injuries while exercising. But just when should you toss those tennies?

Experts suggest replacing your sneakers every 300-500 miles. But other factors like your weight and a heavier foot strike can mean replacing shoes even more often.

Every 300-500 miles. What exactly does that mean? If you don’t keep a running count of your mileage (who does that??), every 6-12 months is a good rule of thumb if you exercise 3-5 times per week.

Seems like a lot to me. I’m notorious for keeping my shoes AT LEAST a year. But if it means preventing an injury, trust me, it’s worth the extra money.

Six months seem to soon? Start paying attention to how your feet feel in your shoes. If they start to feel too loose or you feel joint or muscle pain or shin splints while running, its time to replace them. Take a look at the heels and soles of the shoes, do they look worn out or squished? Take that as a hint.

How often do you replace your running shoes? 

Top Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


It’s that time of year, friends – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

If you’re a card member, I know, I know — this is old news.

Without a doubt, the Anniversary Sale is Nordstrom’s “best sale of the year.” The best part about this sale is that it’s not the items that have been picked over from the past two seasons. It’s all the new stuff for fall. So even though its hard to think about sweaters, boots and scarves in this warm sunny weather, now is really the best time to plan your fall wardrobe. Hurry though, prices go up August 4th!

Without further ado, my top picks for this fall:


<< left to right, top to bottom >>

Long Waffle Cardigan // $32, after sale $48

Vince Stripe Top // $73, after sale $110

Tory Burch Riding Boot // $300, after sale $495

Elbow Patch Sweater // $25, after sale $38

J Brand Dark Plum Skinny Jeans // $120, after sale $178

Leather Jacket //  $260, after sale $398

Zella Leggings // $38, after sale $58

UGG Suede Slip On Sneaker // $65, after sale $90

Clarisonic Pedi  // $199, after sale $310

Crochet Hem Sweater // $29, after sale $44

Hanky Panky // $15, after sale $23

Citizens of Humanity Black Skinny Jeans // $120, after sale $178

Steve Madden Moto Boot // $113, after sale $170

Marc Jacobs Hobo // $293, after sale $438

Infinity Scarf // $30, after sale $46

The North Face Jacket // $74, after sale $99

Tell me: Will you be shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? What are you favorite go-to pieces for fall?

What’s in my Summer Bag?


Tory Burch Beach Tote // (Similar)

If you know me, you know I’m a little bit of an OCD freak. I suppose it can be kind of annoying… especially for my hubby. But hey, it’s better than our house/cars looking like a bomb went off at any given moment. I can’t deal. And my handbag is just the same. Uncluttered, just the necessities.

I tend to rotate my handbags with the seasons, and right now, when I’m not headed out for a night on the town or to the office, you can pretty much guarantee I’m carrying a beach tote.

I received this darling Tory Burch (my fave, remember?) tote for my birthday last summer from my in-laws and it has proven to be the perfect bag for the season.

So, what’s in my summer bag?


// 1 // Sunglasses //  Well, this is a given. I can’t go anywhere with out these suckers. Gotta protect those baby blues.  I have a few different pairs, but lately I’m loving my classic Ray Ban aviators.

// 2 // Sunscreen // I’m fortunate in that I rarely burn, but unfortunate in that I have to really remember to protect my skin. Still gotta protect against WRINKLES! The hubs on the other hand, burns in 5 seconds so I keep this stuff in my beach bag all summer long. You never know when you’ll need it.

// 3 //  Lip Balm //  EOS is my BFF.  The Evolution of Smooth. I alternate between the honey suckle honey-dew and sweet mint flavors.

// 4 // iPhone // Because, duh. Can’t live without this.

// 5 // Water // I may or may not go into a mini panic attack when I don’t have access to water. So, I bring my trusty water bottle wherever I go. Sorry, I’m not sorry. Gotta stay hydrated, friends.

// 6 // Light Sweater // Summer days turn into summer nights quickly. And when you’re by the ocean, it can get breezy. I learned to always, always pack a sweater so I can stop whining about being cold.

// 7 //  Smartphone Wristlet/Wallet //  I use this stylish and super functional wristlet as my everyday wallet to keep my essentials organized. You know, cards, cash, change…phone. That way, if I’m running errands and don’t want to bring my entire bag, I can just grab this and go. I love that it’s small so it doesn’t add extra weight to my bag.

// 8 // Hair ties //  These hair ties are the best for throwing up a pony when you take a dip in the pool or hop on a beach cruiser. They are made of a super soft and stretchy fabric  that doesn’t pull your hair or leave that notorious dent in your hair when you take it down. A must have!

Tell me: What’s in your summer bag? What are your essentials?

Tory Burch for Fitbit Flex

TB_22145800_701_DI’ve been waiting to read this announcement for a few months now. And today of all days, the email popped into my inbox.

Introducing an EXCLUSIVE collaboration between Tory Burch and Fitbit

Turn your Flex into a fashion piece with an exclusive collection of chic accessories designed by Tory Burch, now available for pre-sale. 


The accessories range from $38 to $195.

I personally LOVE my Fitbit. I find it so motivating to increase my activity levels throughout the day. I actually have the Fitbit Zip, which I chose due to the fact that I can wear it clipped to my bra. So technically I can’t even use the Tory Burch accessories with the model I have, unless I want to invest in a new device (unlikely), the Flex.

Regardless, I’m very pleased that Tory Burch, a favorite brand of mine, has launched a few cute pieces to transfer the wristband trackers into a super-chic accessory. What a great idea! I’m loving the pendant necklace concept!



I have worn a fitness wrist band before (remember my Jawbone UP review?), and found that after a few months, I got really tired of wearing a black rubber band on my wrist. It’s definitely not the cutest accessory of all time. Now that Tory Burch has linked up, I’m confident the designs will continue to improve.

Tell me: Do you wear a fitness band? Would you invest in any of the Tory Burch pieces for your Fitbit Flex?


Bikini Hunting


<Vix Swimwear>>

Summer days are fast approaching, guys. While it’s not officially begun, here in San Diego its felt like summer for few weeks months now.

So, I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect new bikini. An annual summer kick-off trend for me.

The only problem is, there are like 352,609,663 to choose from!

I allow myself ONE new bikini purchase per summer. I’m much more a quality over quantity person, so I do splurge a little when bikini shopping. The perfect bikini is tough to find, and sometimes investing in higher quality pieces is necessary to find something that hugs in all the right places while still pulling off an adorable look.

I’ve got my eye on these (plus the one up top):


<Vix Swimwear>>


<<Mahail Tie Dye by Sofia by Vix Swimwear>>


<<Verana de Rumba by Luli Fama>>


<Vix Swimwear>>

I’m obviously partial to the Vix Swimwear line. After buying a few pieces before my honeymoon in Tahiti a few years ago, I was hooked. The soft fabric that Vix uses is to die for and the details of their swimwear are attractive and classy. They feel even more luxurious on!

Tell me:

Did you get new bikini for summer 2014? Are you a quantity or quality person, in general? What’s your favorite brand of swimwear? What’s your vote for my summer bikini splurge from the ones above?

I Met Lorna Jane!

That’s right, you guys. I met Lorna Janelwaamttneayxho20ccpm

I was walking in La Jolla, near one of her newest stores with my hubby and I was talking about how much I loved Lorna Jane’s philosophy on Active Living. I mentioned that it was an Australian company and then this gal walking toward us points behind me and says, “you know that’s her, right?!”

WHAT!? Are you joking me? I turned around and immediately spotted the bombshell blonde, Lorna Jane Clarkson. Of course, I had to go over and meet her! And to top it off she was handing out goodie bags full of products and signing copies of her new book, 2

She was the sweetest lady, and so genuine. Not to mention her rockin’ bod. I’m just bummed I didn’t think to ask for a photo with her!

Lorna Jane is such an inspiration to me, and I was honestly star struck to meet her. Her clothing line is absolutely adorable and my new fave to wear when I workout. But it’s her philosophy on Active Living and her Move/Nourish/Believe movement that I’m so inspired by.




Lorna Jane Clarkson launched her activewear brand a little over two decades ago. In her first book, MOVE, NOURISH, BELIEVE, she shares the back-story behind the Lorna Jane brand, and how she went from creating one-off designs for friends in the back room of a gym, to now overseeing more than 130 stores nationally and overseas! 

A passionate advocate of healthy living, Lorna reveals her personal tips and advice to help people get moving, stay motivated and eat well – along with loads of delicious, nutritious recipes from her own kitchen.

After the success of her first book, Lorna Jane Clarkson was inundated with people wanting to know MORE about how she manages to achieve everything she squeezes into – and out of – life, as well as staying fit and healthy.

And her answer is ACTIVE LIVING.lorna_102665_01

In her second book, MORE, Lorna shares her life – her stories, her inspirations and personal experiences, the food she loves, the things she does every day, the things she never does, and the things she does now and again, with the hope that it will inspire you to live your best Active Life.

She is authentic and speaks from the heart, as well as gives insights into her daily rituals, how she runs her multi-million dollar active wear fashion business, and how she motivates herself to eat well and exercise every single day of her life.

Lorna Jane inspires me with her adorable workout gear, her “never give up” mentality, and her dedication to embracing an active lifestyle every single day.

Question: Who/what are you most inspired by?

Romper Rally

I’m dying over all the rompers spamming my inbox these days. So much that I just has to share a few of my faves. (Yes, I subscribe to email lists for all my favorite shops.)

Worn with casual sandals or a classic pump, these onesies easily transition from beachy days to dressier nights without ever looking overdone. So summer worthy and perfect for showing just the right amount of skin. Just accessorize with an easy fedora or simple statement piece to polish off the look.


{Madewell: $75}

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 1.56.14 PM

{Express: $40}


{Nordstrom: $48}


{TopShop: $68}


{LOFT: $70}

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 2.10.06 PM

{Anthro: $88)

Plus some of my faves from my Pinterest Board: Romper Love.

0ed569e0a5970ee0c95529527270a971 754e56672ba53a5e36794e78028961fe 69156010d26698609922d894dad03805 d4e904da808efce519f348c6c00ddd64 e1dfbc498b9580898e285f6132b5fb54Are you into rompers this season? Love it or hate it?


Must Have Workout Gear for Spring

All right guys, I told you: with every new season there is an opportunity for a fresh start.

Well, the start of a new season also means something else. (More on how to clean up your diet here.)

Time for a new wardrobe!!! Workout attire included.

Yeah…excuses from a shopaholic…

Ok. Ok. Maybe not a WHOLE new wardrobe. But a few KEY pieces will definitely get my butt in the gym. There’s nothing like a new outfit, right? I don’t care where I’m going.

I’m all about bright orange/coral and pale blue this spring. Here are my favorites right now.


// 1 // Nike Element Half Zip Top // Breathable moisture wicking fabric keeps you warm on your morning jog or when heading to and from the gym.

// 2 // Champion Reversible Compression Cami Bra // Perfect for cardio classes and weight training because it provides medium support. I’m dying over these bold colors.

// 3 // Lorna Jane Inspirational Tank // Loving the motivational mantra on this relaxed fit tank. The cut is perfect for showing off your favorite brightly colored sports bra.

// 4 // Asics Running Shoe // Max comfort meets fabulous style. Nike isn’t the only option when it comes to shoes. These bad boys provide mad support.

// 5 // Zella Tab Back Socks // The cushioned tab back protects your heel and is ideal for your barre workouts.

P.S. Have you entered my Blue Apron giveaway? Contest ends April 2nd.


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