New Year, New Resolutions

1. Say I Love You. My husband and I have been through a roller coaster ride lately. My #1 goal for 2013 is to tell him and show him I love him every single day.  To give him the love and support he needs and gives me. Give him a goodnight kiss and a good morning kiss.

I plan on making this a priority in all of my relationships. I resolve to tell my friends and family more often how much I love them.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many people I love, I need to make sure they know it.

2. Drink more water. Water has an amazing power. Sure it can quench a thirst but I have found it can also boost my energy level, stop my cravings, keep my immunity up by flushing my system, and keep my skin looking younger. It’s really amazing all that water can do yet it’s one of those little things I often ignore. My first step is to set up a monthly Sparkletts Water Delivery Service.  I find that when purified water is readily available I drink it.

3. Learn to cook.  There is something very feminine about a woman that can cook. I strive to be the best wife, hostess and mother (one day) and learning my way around the kitchen will help me succeed in this role.  I am going try a new recipe each week in order to master a few healthy meals that I can easily make for company or on busy weeknights.

4. Say No.  Far too often, I say yes to too many things.  I try so hard to please everyone that I often stress myself out and don’t make time for my own needs. I should not be afraid to say no when I feel over committed, overwhelmed or simply do not want to do something. I need to become more comfortable saying no to my coworkers, to my family and to my friends.

5. Drink less alcohol.  The older I get, the harder it is for my body to recover after a night out.  I live for my weekends, and I love the ability to wake up in the morning and get in a good sweat at the gym. I have learned that healthy living is crucial for my mental and physical well being.  Drinking has taken a toll on my mind and body over the past 10 years and it is time to let it go.


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